I offer professional mentorship and supervision to therapists, guides, sexological and/or structural body-workers and other healing professionals. The work in this realm includes focus on intra-personal awareness and process as well as professional development and client process. We will spend an equal amount of time attending to the care, feeding and vitality of you as they flow through both your personal and professional lives. We do this because your greatest asset as a guide/healer is the measure of self love, health and vitality you achieve in your own life and therefore model to everyone who seeks your help.

I also offer focused supervision for therapists around issues of:

  • client’s sexuality including behavior, sexual orientation, gender identity and addiction
  • therapist’s professional identity, development and focus
  • constructing living ethics for true healing and wholing

I work in 30, 60 and 90 minutes sessions. For more information on fees and structure please contact me.