Our communities are simply extended expressions of our capacity for, and understanding of, our need for intimacy. To create healthy families and thriving communities we must first, as individuals, honor our own unique Story, cultivating a strong sense of ourselves, our needs and our purpose/place. If we do not know how to exist intimately with ourselves, if we haven’t cultivated a healthy sense of self, nor taken the time (or found the support) to explore our mytho-poetic Stories, we will not have the capacity to exist authentically within any relationship; intimate or communal. This works starts with the invitation for individuals to come together within their communities and share their truth.

Healthy communities require transparency of each member and a resounding reverence for diversity. In our culture we are taught to operate with exactly the opposite beliefs about community. The ReWilding is dedicated to the creation of radical courageous forms within which individuals and couples may come together and weave a web of true support and respect for the beauty and uniqueness of each other, within community. This includes intimate council groups for couples, fish-bowl councils for men and women, Truth-Telling forms for individuals, couples and families and so much more.