Kiva Bill Horden“As a scientist, I have believed, all my life, that everything worth knowing can be measured, observed. After my wife and I worked with Christiane I no longer believe this. In fact, I am wondering whether the most important aspects of our lives cannot be measured. When we first started working with her I thought my main problem – hence our marital problem – was my depression. Christiane saw immediately that it was actually rage. Rage I was terrified to confront. Rage I was convinced could burn the whole place down. My wife and I had stopped having sex altogether. I was no longer able to participate in such an intimate act. We were on the edge of divorce. This work Christiane has guided us through has touched every aspect of our lives-  as individuals and as a couple. I would say also, that it has effected how I approach my work, my students, everything. We are so grateful for Christiane’s pioneering work in this arena. I don’t know another person who is engaged the way she is.” P. D., 58 yr old man

“I have participated in therapy previously but often felt like I would get to a point where I was stuck and couldn’t achieve the breakthrough I was seeking. Within a few sessions with Christiane, I was acutely aware that we were engaged in a very different process and that our work was pushing me to look more deeply at my stated intentions and what needed to occur to get beyond the obstacles. She has provided encouragement and unconditional support as well as guidance and prodding when needed. A key difference has been her commitment to be fully engaged in the process with me rather than standing on the sideline as an observer. In my case, this has been crucial to making progress in connecting with my desire for more intimacy and taking positive steps to achieve it. I recommend her work without reservation.” David F., 66 yr old man

“The first thing I ever heard about Christiane is that she calls her work ‘activism’ not ‘therapy’. She refers to herself as a ‘guide’ not a ‘therapist’. This was what hooked me. I feel certain my personal experience is tied to what is happening in the world. I didn’t want to have a therapist talk to me about my patterns as if they exist outside the world’s problems. I’m pretty certain we’re all connected; it’s all connected. Christiane gets this. It’s part of her deal.” Stephen. J., 26 yr old man

“I went to Christiane because I couldn’t feel pleasure, at all. No matter what my husband and I tried – nothing worked. I felt so guilty, actually worthless. Slowly, Christiane brought me back to a place in my body that existed when I was a little girl, with this innocence and receptivity to delight! I feel like a new woman. My husband can’t believe it. Then we saw Christiane together. She worked with us a sexual guide. The intimacy we share now is beyond anything I would have thought we were capable of. There is a caring and tenderness that I want to tell my daughters is possible for them in their relationships too. I want the whole world to know this is possible.” Lori N., 57 yr old woman

“I have been in therapy since I was 12 hashing through the same old problems.  I made more progress in two sessions with Christiane than in the rest of my therapy combined. And I began breathing for the first time.” Denise S., 34 yr old woman

“For years I was angry with the entire world. In my work with Christiane I came to see that I have so much more power than I ever imagined. I feel like I was just, finally, introduced to myself. Before this work, I never had envisioned how amazing my life, my marriage, my relationship with my kids and my career could be.” Tim M., 52 yr old man

“I had told myself I wasn’t a sexual person; that now that I had three kids I was done with that part of my life. I was resentful when my husband would remind me I used to like having sex. It got to the point where he couldn’t even touch me, because I would feel like he wanted to something I couldn’t give.  First I worked with Christiane then she started coming to our home and working with both me and my husband. She helped both of us learn how to listen to each other. Not only is our physical relationship growing again, our emotional relationship is much stronger as well.” S.H., 38 yr old woman

“Christiane is unlike any other therapist. Within fifteen minutes I felt completely seen and then she began pushing me harder than I’d ever been pushed before. My work with her has changed my life.” Ken T., 45 yr old man

“Christiane is a therapist’s therapist. She transcends technique with grace and uncanny wisdom.” Mark W., 55 yr old man

“We went to Christiane because, even though we have only been together for two years, we were experiencing a total shut-down of our intimacy. We work in a really hard field, traveling to war zones as a journalist and a photographer. It became almost impossible to shut out the images and experiences when we were finally in a place where we could make love. Christiane created practices for us, including movement, meditation and intimacy exercises, that brought us back to each other. She also taught each of us how to experience, and give each other, pleasure that actually helps us resolve the trauma we experience as a regular part of our work. We are so grateful for her skill and compassion. She is easy, comforting and wise. We never once felt uncertain or awkward.”
T.D. 30 yr old woman & M.L., 31 year old man

“This works makes so much damn sense. When I think about the ‘how did that make you feel?’ litany of therapies I’ve experienced, how many times I felt like, ‘why bother?’ I cringe now that I know how it’s possible to work with people. Christiane is more like a magician than anything else. Or maybe she’s a warrior who fights for the integrity of each of her clients. Yeah…that’s probably it. Working with her I feel like I actually matter in the world. I see my importance in the world. She helped me discover my name.” James S., 44 yr old man