Fire Dancing

When Women Are Well, The World is Well:
Mothering Each Other & The Ailing World

 Remaining 2017 Kiva nights

will be:

Thursday, November 16th

Monday, December 18th

Kiva Nights are located at
6482 Jib Court, Boulder 80301
7 – 9 pm

Kiva Nights are $20. Please pay at this link. If you have not been to a fire here before, please download and read this important information.

We gather around the fire in dark of night, as women have for millennia. We gather as the ones who track the wellness of our families, communities and the world. Women, there is a mountain of healing and righting that needs doing, with no time to waste. And we are the ones to see the healing is done. But we are not effective if we are exhausted, running on spiritual and emotional bankruptcy and doubting ourselves as wise women who carry unique medicine for our families, communities and the world.

These nights in the Kiva are to mother us up and make us strong, as we empty our baskets a bit of our heartbreak, rage, competitiveness and insecurity. Each night we will pray and journey. Some nights we will sing and drum. We will honor and feed our healthy ancestor mothers and grandmothers and ask for their help. This is not a therapy circle. We sit in these circles as women who are ready to empty our baskets a bit, leaving our victims outside the circle. We hold each other and ourselves accountable to our power and wisdom. We do not care take each other or talk at each other’s pain and uncertainty. We sit in these circles as sovereign women who know that, at this point, women alone hold the capacity to insist on a new human course.