I work with couples and individuals in a variety of capacities and settings. Regardless of the setting or the precipitating reason for your contact, I will attend to your level of Erotic Intelligence. Far more than merely the landscape of our sex, desire or conquest, Erotic Intelligence is the wisdom with which we engage our generative energy in service of our purpose, passion and power. Whether you come to me as a couple or an individual, my focus is facilitating the cultivation of your inspired and of-service life; to know your gifts/genius and to be inspired to offer them to The World unapologetically. Whether you are experiencing difficulty communicating with your partner, finding a thriving sexual interplay, or you are an individual pondering your next career move, I will focus on these fundamental areas of your life, while deftly addressing those things you feel are causing most friction, impasse or disappointment in your life. Particularly exciting populations for me are:

  • men who, by our culture’s standards might appear to ‘have everything’ yet feel lacking in basic elements like joy, play, sexual presence and true fundamental power
  • women who are ready to engage in the no-holds-barred claiming of their true wisdom and power
  • individuals in the process of major life shifts (death/re-birth) who are in need of guidance, mentorship and language
  • couples who are at a threshold of divorce and need skilled guidance to determine what is possible and, based on that, what is the right next step
  • couples who are experiencing specific dilemmas in their sexual intimacy and are ready to take innovative and bold steps to reach a new level of engagement
  • couples who feel deeply engaged with each other and wonder what else is possible in the realm of deeper connection, sexual intelligence and emotional intimacy

While the work we will engage in is nuanced and the content of the terrain often unknown, I engage with clients to create a focused plan with measurable goals. I am most interested in working with people who have a developed sense worth and self regard.

I call this work “ReWilding” – the work of teaching Erotic Intelligence. ReWilding, and Erotic Intelligence, is a process of cultivating deep and intimate relationship with Self and The World, including fundamental restructuring of paradigms that teach us to feel we are separate from the wild or natural worlds. Here we are required to experience both compassion and gratitude for our particular woundings and wholeness and a subsequent harvesting of the unique genius which dwells in the mandorla between them.

At this point in my offering I call myself a guide, mentor/educator and elder. I do not call myself a therapist nor do I offer traditional psychotherapy, though I use those tools on a regular basis with clients, students and supervisees.

I require an initial consult before taking on a new client(s). If you are curious as to whether this work is right for you, please contact me and we will set up an initial conversation to find out.