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Somatic Sex Educators Supervision Group

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Male Sexuality: Trusting the Stallion

I am here to help you discover, explore and express your full, authentic, masculine sexual energy; energy I refer to as Stallion energy.

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Female Sexuality: Trusting Eachother, Our Beauty and Expecting More

I am here to help you re-connect to your innate bottomless capacity for pleasure, meaning, intimate connection, ferocity and power. Women...not unlike our men, we have been taught how to be very small.

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For Couples

The world is hungry for the wisdom that comes through the reverent co-creation of the masculine and feminine (regardless of ‘orientation’). Within the space created by each couple there lives a story of mythic importance and proportion.

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For Communities

It is within our communities that we are held most accountable, where we have the opportunity to be seen on a soul level, and to be put to great use, in exactly the manner we were specifically designed to be used; to feel our integral place within a system we can directly effect, directly contribute to. Without community we are adrift, without meaning or purpose.

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ReWilding is a process of re-engaging with The World in us and around us. Join me for a free 8-minute Fall Meditation, guiding us back into the wonder and awe of our human animal experience.

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